Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Little Tacky

Last month we featured some coffee filters for our dollar store finds feature at Practical Scrappers. This month it's tape and not any of that Washi tape that is made for paper crafting. I'm talking about masking, scotch, packaging, and electrical. I have a layout that I didn't finish in time (too busy getting ready for a birthday party we had today). But here is my card...

Here's the process...

Cut out your image from a magazine (good way to use up those old scrapbook magazines you have around). Lay it on a flat surface and cover with packaging tape. Take a bone folder and rub over it until the image looks as if it has been laminated.

Let it set in a bowl of warm water 3-5 minutes (the longer it sets the easier he paper comes off).

Rub/wipe off the back layer of the paper gently with your finger--do not use finger nails as the will scratch off the image.

This is what it will look like finished. Let it air dry and cut/trim to desired size.

If you have any questions leave me a comment....thanks for stopping in!

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