Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Fall Y'All!!

Saturday was not only mine and the husband's 11th wedding anniversary, but it also kicked off the first day of fall.  Today over at Practical Scrappers, we are celebrating the first day of fall with fall theme cards and layouts.  Here's is my layout I created using Little Yellow Bicycle's "Hello Fall Collection" which I absolutely adore...

Thanks for stopping in today!  Make sure to head over to Practical Scrappers and check out all the other fall inspriation the ladies have up!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Frugal Finds!!

Over at Practical Scrappers, we have our monthly feature of our frugal finds edition going on!  This is my favorite feature!!!  Something about repurposing regular old everyday items brings out the best in my creativity.  Even though it was my choice for the item this month, I decided to let the team decide between the two so I did a poll.  After a very close race, jar lids won out.

Here are my two projects I came up with.  This first one is my new all time favorite layout.  It's not too often that I create one of me and the DH together (usually the kiddos get all the glory).  Saturday will be our 11th wedding anniversary and I made this as a gift for him.  I actually altered up a white wood shadow box that I did some dry brushing of red acrylic paint and sanded down with some light-weight sandpaper.

This is just the layout...I got a little crazy with using things I haven't touched in a long time like the sewing machine (probably a year since I sewed on a layout), stickles, mists, gesso, and even pulled out the white journaling pen!  I used my "mostest", "favoritest" ( yes, I know they aren't real words) paper manufacturer, Crate Paper.  All pattern papers in the layout are from the Peppermint Collection as well as the buttons, trims, and other embellishments.  I used American Crafts (Marquise) Thicker letters on for the title.  Mist is from Tattered Angels (Santa Baby Glimmer Mist). 
 close up of the jar lids
 the dimension shot:  I cut slits in the canning jart lid so it would slide down over top of the pickle jar lid.
This is not the greatest photo, but the best I can do late at night...sorry you get the shadow cast on the top. Here, you can see the frame I doctored up a bit.  I dry brushed some red acrylic paint on the edges of a white wood shadow box.  Took an old rag then quickly wiped it off.  Followed that up with some sanding with light-weight sandpaper.
The second project, I decided why not just use the entire jar!  I saw these similar item online when I was searching for items to make for craft fairs.  
What you will need:
1 can of Krylon Frosted Glass Spray (can but anywhere they sell spray paint or craft stores)
1 glass jar
1 LED battery operated tea light
scraps of fleece/felt (hat)
snowman face parts (I cut on my Cricut)
hot glue gun
Glossy Accents
Crackle Accents
You can seen that this is a very simple projects and takes no time at all to put together.  It took my cricut longer to cut out all the faces than it did for me to put a dozen of these together.  First spray your jars.  The frosted glass only takes about 10 minutes to dry to touch. After that was dry I cut my wire and to rim of the jar to create the handle. I used Glossy Accents to adhere the face to the jar itself then also went over the eyes and mouth with the Glossy Accents.  For the nose, I also attached with Glossy Accents, but this time went over top of my diecut with the Crackle Accents to create those lines in the carrot nose ( you can see a close up of this below).  For the hat, I cut a 6 1/2" circle of fleece and hot glued to the lid.  I tied off the hat with some red ribbon. Added a little ribbon, twine, and bell to the handle then popped in a battery LED tea light ( making it safe to keep the hat on and use indoor and outdoor).
Here he is lit up
Close up of the Crackle nose which I just LOVE!!
Thanks for stopping in today and hope you enjoyed my projects!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

For An Inspiring Someone-- Another Baby Milestone Album!

So, I was at it again! Creating another one of my baby milestone albums. Glad I know lots of people having babies so I can create one of my favorite things (it's a good thing I have my files saved to cut down the amount of time). I can share this now that she got it, and I won't spoil the surprise! I followed my original design on milestone albums on this one, but scaled it down from using 5x7 envelopes to using your standard A2 (4 1/4" x 5 1/2") and I think I finally found the size I like!

For this album I started with 6 standard A2 envelopes and altered them Echo Park's "Little Boy Collection".  I kept the inside simple and basic because after all, Christine (my online friend and Practical Scrapper owner), is a scrappy genius herself and I wanted her to be able to add her own style to her album pages!

These are the best photos because I had to do at night and use the flash, plus I haven't figured out yet the best way to photograph these because of how long they end up opened up!

Cover of the album all folded up
0- 6 months all opened up
7-12 months all opened up
View of the milestone/pull out tabs. Each slot is broken down in 2 month increments and the milestone babies typically achieve during that time span.
Here is a look at some of the tabs pulled out.  Places for pictures that fit 3 1/2" by 5" photos.
Finally, here are the spots in the album for larger photos that will fit 4" x  5".  There is a place for a photo every 2 months (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 months, and 1 year).


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