Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Was Tagged..............TWICE!!!

Ok, I've never been tagged before and I get tagged twice in one day! Goodness me! So who tagged me... yeah, the genius creator of Page Maps Becky Fleck ( Becky, love your maps - they are the best!) and Andrea, whom I know from the Cuttlebug board. So, the tag was go where you store your photos ( mine are all on disc because I just got a new computer and dumped them all from the hard drive), pick the 6th folder ( I picked the my 6th disc then picked the 6th folder on the disc), pick the 6th picture, post on your blog and tell about it. Super easy!

My 6th folder on my disc was from a day of fishing down the at the catch and release lake, Little Flipper Lake, about a half a mile from my house. We walk to it when we do go fishing. This is a picture of my oldest son, Layton, who is 9 with a small bass that he caught and was holding. Can you see the worm in the fish's mouth--yuck right! Oh, and look at my son's disgusting hands -- fish slime and worm guts all over them! I'm sure you really wanted the details, right? LOL! It was a fun day of fishing that day though and I think we caught 9 fish that day. By the way, guess who gets to take the fish off the hooks and put them back in the water--me!

The following ladies, you've been tagged!! These are all scrappy friends and places I get inspiration from! Can't wait to see what you ladies post!
Remember the rules are 6th folder, 6th picture, post on your blog, and tag 6 more!!

Have a scrappy day!


Cassie said...

oh how fun! thanks for thinking of me!! how cool that you got tagged by THE BECKY!!

i'll play very soon on my blog!!

Andrea said...

Sorry for tagging you a second time! I do love looking at your blog!

Cassie said...

Okay, I played. Mine is up on my blog! Now I'm off to see who the other Cassie is!

Taffy said...

heehee - thanks for keeping me in mind, i don't know if i know enough people to tag.. ;)

but i'll see what i can whip up ;)

here's my pix..


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