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Top 10 Projects of 2012--PLUS A BLOG HOP & GIVEAWAY!!

Welcome to the Top Ten of 2012 Blog Hop!  If you arrived here from Jennifer Haggerty's Blog then you are in the right place.  If you are just stopping by or arrived here from Practical Scrappers please head on back to Liz Chidester to start at the beginning --you won't want to miss out on the fabulous projects and prizes before me!  In case you get lost along the way below you will find list of the full blog hop to help you get back on track.

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2012 came with a lot of ups and downs for me --scrappy wise.  I've been a working mom of three for a full 15 months now. Just when I thought I had my time management skills in check, life seemed to step in and throw me for another loop.  I am hoping 2013 will bring me  a little more time to catch up on my scrapbooking, keep this blog up to date, and venture out the way I always intended.  While I didn't do as much scrapbooking this year as I have in the past I did manage to put out some of my favorite projects ever--the time may not have been there, but that didn't stop my mind from working.
Here's a look at my top 10 projects of 2012...

PS...scroll through to the end to see how to qualify for my prize!!

1.) Frugal Finds: Silverware (at Practical Scrappers)

 This is my favorite project of the year!!  Don't know how my brain came up with it except that I kept staring at plastic knives and all I envisioned was rainbows.
 It is a rare occasion that I scrapbook just the DH and myself without our kids, which is why this my 2nd favorite.  I also loved that I stepped away from my typical style and played around with trends I don't usually touch (misting and sewing)...however they are both on my 2013 to do more of especially since I got a brand new sewing machine :)
For those who know, they know Halloween is my favorite holiday, even more when it comes to decorating.  I made a lot of these this year and sold everyone I made at my craft fairs!
 Most of the items I made this year were either a gift for someone or I sold at a craft fair, none the less, I still love them.  There is nothing I love more that taking the time to create something special and unique for someone.  This was one of the most fun (and crazy) prrojects for me this year.  It is totally unqiue and I am still flabbergasted how I came up with the design of this mini. The fact that this baby stands on it's own to be displayed amazes me!
 This one made the top 10 for two reason: 
1.) I have fallen in love with this color combo of black, grey, and yellow.
2.) With the pressure for time and the desire to do some kind of scrapbooking, I have fallen in love with sketches all over again.  I stopped doing sketches about 2 years ago, but this year they have become my staple in getting things done.   
 This is another one of my own crazy designs that I fell in love with--again a gift for someone!
Hoping to make more of these for next year to sell at my craft fairs.
 Reminder:  Halloween is my FAVORITE  holiday!  This one makes the top 10 for another reason though--the photos!  My 12 year old isn't one who loves to have his photo taken.  Here was one of a few times where he just let loose, fell into character, and started acting/posing without mom prompting him :)
 When it comes to card making my favorite types of cards to make are shaped-shaker cards.  This one I designed for one of our feature days of sharing cards that used confetti.  I made my own circle confetti with a hole punch and filled op my shaker card.
 Frugal Finds is my favorite feature at Practical Scrappers!  I love using things in totally different ways than what they were intended.  This project makes my top ten for that very reason...I giving props to my originality on this one --painting my bobby pins and using them as the lines for my journaling.
This was one of my first projects I created in 2012 (actually was the first layout of 2012 for me).  This one make the top 10 for a number of reasons as well--I love the rolled flowers, the distressing, and that I finally took a stab at some therapeutic scrapbooking.  I never talked about it what I went through, and boy did it feel good to just see a perfect photo capturing those feelings and the writing the journaling. 
Hope you enjoyed my top 10 of 2012!  Before you hop on over to Ashley Nguyen Newell , I have prize package kit I put together for one random winner featuring one of my favorite manufacturers Crate Paper.  In order to qualify for my prize all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what your #1 scrapbooking goal/resolution for 2013 before December 31, 2012 at 11:59 EST!  You have until 1 minute before the new year to figure out your 2013 scrappy goal!! 
Happy Hopping and New Year!



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