Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween Is Going To Be More Like Merry Christmas!

What an interesting site to wake up--the ground covered in that white stuff! I am so not ready for it. Left my house to tak Jaedon to pre-school and we had about an inch to an inch and half on the ground but roads weren't covered...but on the way home from pre-school (approx 1 hour later) there was about 3 inches on the ground and roads were about a complete white out!! I slid right through an intersection with my 4 wheel drive on and I was going 10 miles an hour. I just kept praying please don't let anyone come, please don't let anyone come! I made it home and this was the view!

So, Not really been doing too many LO's been into cards thanks to dear Aymee from SAS with her Christmas Card Challenge! They are fun and allow me to be creative quickly rather than putting so much thought into my LO. Sometimes I hate how much I think about the LO's! I keep putting more and more detail into them and it's driving me a bit mad! LOL! Anway here are two that I did this week! One was for a challenge on Just Scrappin' and the other was for a 1 hour LO contest on Creative Scrappers! Happy Looking!

This first LO was the October Challenge on Just Scrappin. We had to" make the paper work for you". Only use paper as embellishments. So here what I did was I used the leaf paper as background, cut out the edging of the leaves with my craft knife to make photo holders, and I inked them up. The monkey paper I just cut them out, and I popped them up with foam squares to give the look that youwere looking into the rain forest and peeling back the leaves to see the lemurs. I know deep for a zoo LO!! But, that was the vision and I'm sticking to it!

The next pic is from the 1 hour LO contest That I just finished tonight at Creative Scrappers. So, the first pic is of the sketch that we had to follow which was a fairly easy sketch to finish in 1 hour. The second pic was my creation based on the sketch. I took this pic of Delaney two weeks ago on October 14th. It was a beautiful fall day and we went for a walk down to Little Flipper Lake which is about a half a mile. The leaves were falling and she was just dancing and twirling around hile they were falling. I just happened to catch this shot and I absolutley love it!

So, as for what I used. The leaf paper and the base paper are both from DCWV Fall stack and I used some burgundy, gold, and orange card stock, red stickles on the leaves, and my red studio g ink pad. The journaling says, "What a fantastic fall day we had walking in the trees. How I loved the smile on your face while you were dancing with the leaves".

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Say it Ain't Snow!!

Yep it was...Wednesday morning here what a sight to wake up to. Looks like the Farmer's Almanac was pretty darn right. They predicted snow the 21st of October, and heck they were only one day off. Maybe some of the weather people out there should pay better attention to the Farmer's Almanac--they wouldn't be so off if they did!! Well, As far as my scrappy world I haven't really done too much lately except for participate in a super fun mini crop on Just Scrappin. I loved the challenges Cristal gave us, and the 1 hour sketch was super fun, too. It would have been better had I not been interupted by my crying daughter3 different times who wanted mommy to come lay next to her on the floor. But, she finally settled down and mommy go to finish scrapping! So, take a look at the fun mini crop.....

This first picture was for the layout challenge. On our LO we had to somehow incorporate the use of cardboard. So, what I did here was took both the top and bottom layer off the cardboard to be left with only the rippled stuff in the middle. I cut it to length, the did the zig zag, added some of my expresso ink to the front and edges, and voila, my fence! This LO is was doing double duty for son, Jaedon, had to take something that started with the letter "E" to pre-school on Wednesday and all mom has was an envelope, and that's way too boring for a 3 year old. So, I scrapped the pics of the elephants from the trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo in June. However, I think it may have been a bad thing because the teacher asked if she could keep it to hang up for the rest of the week! Hopefully she doesn't expect a different LO every week!!

The second pic here is the sketch for the Card Challenge. You had to create a card based on the sketch seen to the your left. I thought this was a great sketch, and the first thing that came to mind was, of course, snowflakes ( due to the weather conditions)! I thought it was a perfect sketch for a Christmas greeting card.
So, it was a very simple card and all I did was use some red card stock for the card. The blue paper with the red snowflakes is from the new DCWV Christmas stack ( which I must say rocks--many great interesting papers). And the "Season Greeting" is actually on that same sheet of paper. As for the Snowflakes, just some light blue textured DCWV card stock that I cut out the snowflakes from a pattern I traced by hand ( I'm old school, not fancy machines, yet). I just inked around the edges with my scarlet stampede ink pad ( I used a Q-tip because there are so many tiny areas to get into). The center snowflakes are from my Fiskars snowflake punch that I have (I just stamped over them). Oh, and the ribbon is from American Crafts (got it in the $1 bargain bin at my Joann's). I just love how it turned out, and my card won the card challenge from the mini crop! It was a random drawing, but hey, it still won!!

Now finally, to top off the mini crop was the 1 hour sketch contest. Now for those of you who have never tried this--you gotta do it some time! What crazy madness it is. Especially, when you don't get the hints before hand ( gotta remember to do that next time). So here is the sketch we were give and you had 1 hour to complete it then 15 minutes to upload to the gallery.

Now here's my creation,

It really was a blast, I was in such a rush that I started typing on the keyboard without washing my hand before and I had a blue keyboard--oops!! Got it all cleaned off though! Thanks for looking and hope you all have a great weekend! We are going to carve our pumpkins, make some chocolate covered apples, and go to the last soccer game of the season!! Yeah, no more traveling, and two extra days of not running during the week (well, at least until the end of March)!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Page Maps Blog Contest

This was a great challenge by most favorite place for sketches, Beckie Fleck and her Page Maps Blog. Her motivation behind this LO challenge was October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we were supposed to scrap something meaningful to us like breast cancer awareness is meaningful to her ( her mom is an 8-year survivor of breast cancer because of early detection). That's awesome! I lost my grandmother to cancer ( Hodgkins Lymphoma) when I was a senior in high school. She died two weeks after I graduated. I remember that being her goal was to see at least one of her grandchildren graduate. She made to it to my graduation I am ever so thankful that she did! My heart goes out to all kinds of cancer patients and their families. Hopefully someday, a cure can be found! On to happier things, what is meaningful to me? Well, it is very simple-- holidays with my kids. I used to have to work every holiday when I was a restaurant/banquet manager for the Nittany Lion Inn, in State College, PA. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom, I don't miss them! So, here's the sketch and here's my take on it! Thanks for looking!

Journaling reads: " The holidays are sooo precious to me. As a mom who use to work every holiday, I never have to miss these smiling faces on Christmas morning again!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Creative Scrappers Week # 20 Sketch

So, here is the weekly sketch for the Creative Scrappers forum that I like to visit. This was my take on it. I am really pleased with how it came out. This LO happened on accident!! The background behind the pic was supposed to be a complete rectangle, but I accidently ripped it. Well, no worries I just got out the "victorian" style scissors and cut the edge off, inked it up then cut the same corner of the pic to match it!!It's interesting how you sometimes get better results from the accidental rips and tears then what you spent so much time pre-planning on paper or in your head! Thanks for looking!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Review

It was another beautiful weekend here in western PA, and it was fun-filled one as well! Started out with a great scrappy day with the ladies on Saturday. We had the option to make some cards, but I had my things I needed to work on! So here are the pics from what I did this weekend.

The first here is a LO of my daughter Delaney from back in August. We took her and Jaedon to the beach here in Treasure Lake while Layton was on vacation at Virgina Beach with Cory's parent. All I did was cut an 11" circle out with my "inch worm" scissors and inked around the edges of circle with my pink stampede stamper. I also used some pattern punch out letters from an alphabet stack and inked around the edges of those as well to set them off from the green ribbon. Added some flowers and the pics, and I did journal all around the outside of the circle.

This next picture here is some items I did for my October Pal Swap on SAS forum. My October Pal wanted fall items so this is what I made her. The first is a scarecrow I designed. I just drew the pieces on the back of the papers I wanted to use from the DCWV fall stack and cut him out. I used some craft straw to make his hair arms, and legs. Also used the same straw for the cornstalk in the second item. I used my orange stampede stamper and quickly wiped it along the edges of the cornstalk to add some color to it. The last item is poem in a frame I made out of photo mat board with just some fall paper out of the DCWV fall stack and I inked around the edges with my brown stampede stamper and added a bow. And Janelle, if you see my blog before you get your package, hope you like what your getting! Oh one more thing, for those who check out my blog and are fellow SAS followers don't tell Janelle what she is getting in case she doesn't see this!!! LOL!!

The last item here is a board book that I am working on for a wedding gift. The book is 6 inches high and 24 inches long. God, love Bree from SAS who has been ever so helpful with this project that I am attempting ( you should check out her blog with her tutorial on how to make). the book is far from finished yet and I still have to decorate the inside of all the pages, but this is what I have done so far. I am hoping to finish this on Wednesday night when I go to my monthly crop!

And finally last, but not least to the weekend, was Layton's soccer game in Bellefonte. I town up until 4 years ago we called home! We did drive by the old house for memory sake and I hate it! He put burgundy siding on the nice cedar wood that used to be there! And, I wanted to go and "plant-nap" my hydrangea bushes that I nurtured from the tiny little single plants that they were ( they are huge now)! Enough about the house, the game was great and Layton played some awesome defense . Here he is right before he took this ball to the chest causing him to drop to the ground. Boy, did my heart stop for that minute! It knocked the wind right out of him. As soon as they took him off the field I ran over to see if he was OK , and he was sobbing. This kid never cries when he gets a bump or bruise. He said he was scared because he couldn't breathe. I asked him if he was OK, then told him to lift up his shirt, and WAM--what an imprint was left on his chest! I tried to make him laugh by telling him to hold still while I go get the camera to take a picture for the scrapbook, and I just got a "MOMMMM...". So, nope no pic for the scrapbook, but I have this pic right before it happened to remind us!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thank God It's Friday!!

What a crazy week-- I am ready for the weekend! Two karate practices, two soccer practices, volunteering at Jaedon's pre-school, no wonder why I haven't been able to stay up past 9pm any night this week. Well, I did manage to watch one of my favorite shows last night. I fell alseep on the floor in Delaney's rooms but woke up at 9:15 to catch Grey's Anatomy( thank goodness for DVR)!! So, I am so excited about the weekend and cannot wait! Got invited to go to an all-day crop tomorrow!! Woo Hoo, some scrappy time for me with no kids around--thank heavens for Grandmas!! I can't wait to go! And, we get to go to Layton's soccer game in Bellefonte on Sunday! Can't wait to see him play and see the town we used to live in! I will have to take a drive by the old house for memory sake! I'll post pics from the weekend! Hope you all have a fun fall weekend--it's supposed to be a nice one here in western PA!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a great fall weekend!

What a great fall weekend we had! Visiting the DuBois Mall for Truck Day which put Jaedon in his glory, going to Layton's soccer game in State College (yeah, I got to go to Michael's--thanks Cindi for posting the 25 % off coupon on SAS it came in handy), and we decorated the house for Fall/Halloween. I love decorating for fall more than I like decorating for Christmas. Probably because I don't have to put hat, gloves, scarf, and boots on plus trudge through 8 inches of snow! Yikes....I said that horrible "S" word. Better not jinx us! But, it was a fabulous weekend! Here are some great pics from the weekend that I can't wait to scrap!

Jaedon, Layton, and Delaney at Truck Day in front of the big "Mack" truck!

Delaney and Jaedon looking "spooktacular" in front of our decorations!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Contest Entries

This was my first time ever enter any of my work into a contest. These are two layouts and a card I did for the Reminisce Design Team Contest ( Winners are to be announced Monday October 6th)!

The first layout here is from our summer trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo. This is the polar bear in action there! These photos were great that my husband, Cory & I took. The polar bear came right up to the glass and starting shaking his head off. I felt like he was showing off for the camera!!

The second layout here is from back in August when the Olympics were going on. We had to create a layout based on USA pride after the bashing the French Men's Swim Team were dishing out on the USA's Men Swim Relay Team. SO, here was my USA pride of the Men's Swim Team. The pictures were the headlines from CNN website the following day!

Here was my last entry. This was a card that I made. It was really the first card I've ever made. I just loved these little owls and leaves diecut stickers from Reminisce. They are so stinkin' cute and so nice to use. I was going to send this card to a friend for fall greetings, but I decided I wanted to keep it since it was a first and all--I'm such a mom--gotta keep all the firsts!

Welcome to Kerri's Kre8tions

Welcome to my blogging world!! I hope you can put up with someone who is very new to the wide world of blogging. I decided to create my blog to post all my scrapping layouts and cards that I've been doing. So, many ladies in the "scrappy" world have their own blogs for contests entries and just posting their stuff so, I'm gonna give it a try, too!


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