Thursday, October 23, 2008

Say it Ain't Snow!!

Yep it was...Wednesday morning here what a sight to wake up to. Looks like the Farmer's Almanac was pretty darn right. They predicted snow the 21st of October, and heck they were only one day off. Maybe some of the weather people out there should pay better attention to the Farmer's Almanac--they wouldn't be so off if they did!! Well, As far as my scrappy world I haven't really done too much lately except for participate in a super fun mini crop on Just Scrappin. I loved the challenges Cristal gave us, and the 1 hour sketch was super fun, too. It would have been better had I not been interupted by my crying daughter3 different times who wanted mommy to come lay next to her on the floor. But, she finally settled down and mommy go to finish scrapping! So, take a look at the fun mini crop.....

This first picture was for the layout challenge. On our LO we had to somehow incorporate the use of cardboard. So, what I did here was took both the top and bottom layer off the cardboard to be left with only the rippled stuff in the middle. I cut it to length, the did the zig zag, added some of my expresso ink to the front and edges, and voila, my fence! This LO is was doing double duty for son, Jaedon, had to take something that started with the letter "E" to pre-school on Wednesday and all mom has was an envelope, and that's way too boring for a 3 year old. So, I scrapped the pics of the elephants from the trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo in June. However, I think it may have been a bad thing because the teacher asked if she could keep it to hang up for the rest of the week! Hopefully she doesn't expect a different LO every week!!

The second pic here is the sketch for the Card Challenge. You had to create a card based on the sketch seen to the your left. I thought this was a great sketch, and the first thing that came to mind was, of course, snowflakes ( due to the weather conditions)! I thought it was a perfect sketch for a Christmas greeting card.
So, it was a very simple card and all I did was use some red card stock for the card. The blue paper with the red snowflakes is from the new DCWV Christmas stack ( which I must say rocks--many great interesting papers). And the "Season Greeting" is actually on that same sheet of paper. As for the Snowflakes, just some light blue textured DCWV card stock that I cut out the snowflakes from a pattern I traced by hand ( I'm old school, not fancy machines, yet). I just inked around the edges with my scarlet stampede ink pad ( I used a Q-tip because there are so many tiny areas to get into). The center snowflakes are from my Fiskars snowflake punch that I have (I just stamped over them). Oh, and the ribbon is from American Crafts (got it in the $1 bargain bin at my Joann's). I just love how it turned out, and my card won the card challenge from the mini crop! It was a random drawing, but hey, it still won!!

Now finally, to top off the mini crop was the 1 hour sketch contest. Now for those of you who have never tried this--you gotta do it some time! What crazy madness it is. Especially, when you don't get the hints before hand ( gotta remember to do that next time). So here is the sketch we were give and you had 1 hour to complete it then 15 minutes to upload to the gallery.

Now here's my creation,

It really was a blast, I was in such a rush that I started typing on the keyboard without washing my hand before and I had a blue keyboard--oops!! Got it all cleaned off though! Thanks for looking and hope you all have a great weekend! We are going to carve our pumpkins, make some chocolate covered apples, and go to the last soccer game of the season!! Yeah, no more traveling, and two extra days of not running during the week (well, at least until the end of March)!

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southernbellescrapper said...

Oh no!!! Not snow!! I still am not used to it yet! LOL. I bet it was pretty though. I actually kinda like it, but I worry about Brandon having to work out in it. I remember right after he moved up here ( I was still in Bama packing up our house ), and he called me one night. It was snowing. He said, " won't believe it, but I am working outside in 8 degree weather!" I like to of flipped!! Sent chills down my spine! LOL.

But all the work gf! You never cease to amaze me with your craftyness! Get down with your self! LOL! Hope you have a great weekend!

And....sent off your pkg. this morning! ;)


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