Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Little Picky??

I have two projects to share with you today for our monthly frugal finds feature over at Practical Scrappers. Today, the ladies and I are using toothpicks. They were a lot of fun to do!  I did have a meltdown while creating my layout and ripped the entire project apart, but it was all for the good.  It also inspired some more crafty ideas on how I could use those little picks!

On this layout, I placed two round toothpicks together and wrapped a double layer of Martha Stewart twine around them to create my flagpole embellishment! By the way, this layout is well over due!  This weekend will mark a year ago that Layton took his journey to Canada!

Here I went for the not so obvious! Not only can you use them to embellish, but you can use them as a tool! I took a stab at quilling on this card.  Here I used my round toothpicks to roll  the pattern paper strips around the toothpick to create her flower petals and leaves. Not only did they do the rolling, but I used them to apply the glue to the rolled petals and leaves.


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