Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snowman Ornament

Here's a little ornament I came up with after seeing some ornaments that were just one layer of the round circles! We are a snowman loving family, so I had to try and come up with my own unique version.

Things your will need:
6- 1" white circles (embossed with your favorite cuttlebug folder-- I used snowflakes)
6- 1 and 3/4" white circles (again embossed if you prefer as I did)
6- 2 and 1/4" white circles (again embossed if you prefer as I did)
1- 1" black circle (for hat rim)
1 - 3/4" black circle (for top of hat)
1 strip of black paper 1" x 3" (for hat middle)
1 piece of ribbon 8" long
1 piece of wire 18" long
1 button
9 mini black pom poms (eyes, mouth, and buttons)
1 small triangle orange triangle shape (for the nose)

I will have photo instructions up a little later, my husband has the camera in his car and it has the pictures I took of the steps...sorry :)....I do much better visual instructions and I tend to get too wordy-- so I take pics and add notes!

Hope you like the ornaments leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping in!


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Terry Oulboub said...

Kerri, this is so cute; saw it on Practical Scappers and would like to feature it on another blog, "The Freebie Gatherers." This is just too adorable! :D


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