Monday, December 7, 2009

Poinsettia Candle

Here's another Christmas project for you that is being featured today at Practical Scrappers. I love to alter candles and have actually been published in October 2009 issue (see article here)for my candles that I love to make. This is my version of a poinsettia since I love to make flower tops for my candles.

Items you will need to make this candle:
1- 3" inch battery operated candle (you don't want your paper to catch on fire)
1- strip of pattern paper cut to 3 3/4" x 12" (to wrap the body of the candle)
14- red 2" leaves
7-green 2" leaves
6- 1/4" yellow circles (I use a 1/4" hole punch)
a thin paint brush
markers for detailing

Now all you do is wrap the body of the candle with the 3 3/4" x 12" strip of paper. Add ribbon/trim at top and bottom of the candle (beads work well too). Add any embellies you like to the body of the candle too (you could also emboss this strip with a favorite Cuttlebug folder to add dimension instead of embellishing). Set this aside. Now we are going to construct the flower top. Take 7 of the red 2" inch leaves. Detail the leaf veins first before you put together--roll the tips of the leaves around your thin paint brush to create the curling up then just glue them together so they are just touching the leaf next to it. Repeat with second layer, but glue them in between two leaves to create layering. Last, repeat with green leaves but instead curling the green leaves up curl them under so them will hug the body of the candle ( this allows the flower to to sit on top and stay put). Now just add your 6 yellow 1/4" circles to the center of the flower top.

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