Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sick and Tired!!

Well, I have to adimit I've not done any scrapping in over a week...everyone, but Layton, has been sick in this house since Tuesday before Thanksgiving I, of course, am still not better. But, even though we were sick, we still had a very nice Thanksgiving. My dear mother put together a wonderful meal for 25 people, God love her! But, not only did she do that, she kept my kids over night at her house both Thanksgiving day and Friday. Cory and I went shopping, sick and all, on Friday morning and got all our shopping done for the kids! We got some some really great deals!! It feels great to have that done. Now, I need to finish making the gifts that I planned. I have a lot going on so, I'm gonna have to start pulling some late nights!

Oh, I know what else...we got our Christmas tree up and the kids are in their glory. Now I just need a couple more days to let Delaney's boo boo on her nose heal up so I can take their pic and get the Christmas cards made! I don't have any pics to post yet, but I'm going post a recipe of some cute cinnamon dough ornaments the kids and I made on Sunday. Super easy, and super cute! We just have to finish painting the ornaments--and they smell so great, too!!
Hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday!!


Pinky said...

Oh your post cracked me up girl! Hope you get to feeling better this sucks ass don't it?!!

Southernbelle said...

Hope you and the family get to feeling better really soon gf! I miss seeing ya! I bet the house looks great all decorated up! Love the look of the blog too! So festive! Miss ya! Take care!!!! Get well so you can use that new toy too! :)

Cindy said...

Hi Kerri, Thanks for stopping by today. I love the little pies you made they are so cute and look really good too. I'm going to save the recipe for next year and maybe my grandkids will want to do this. My GSD files aren't the greatest but they are my creations so I thought someone my get some use out of them. Actually my DH makes some really cool files but he won't let me post them just yet. Hope you and your family are feeling better. There's a lot of sick people up this way too. Take care....


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