Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Can You Do with Candy Wrappers??

Today at Practical Scappers we are doing our monthly frugal finds feature. With Valentine's Day in the past and all that candy that your kids have brought home from school from the parties, we have some fabulous ideas on how to recycle those wrappers and create some fun and interesting projects. Here are two of my projects that I had a blast making!
 This idea was inspired by an article in the Disney Family Fun Magazine to create your own Valentine's that look like your kids are holding giant lollipops.  You can check out the link here.   I just went with the giant lollipop theme and got rid of the real lollipops (no problem with three kiddos in my house) and created fake ones.  I wadded up a tissue and covered it with the wrapper then tied it off with some Martha Stewart baker's twine.  Also, I used the dum dums wrappers to create the accordion flowers on the ends of her banners.

If you are one of the scrappers who has a hidden stash of chocolate bars in you office then this project is for you!  On this card,  I  used some mini Hershey bar wrappers to embellish her card.  I altered some brads, used the wrapper as a layer of paper in her banner, and created an accordion flower out of them.  What a perfect way to get rid of the evidence-- no one will ever know ;)

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