Monday, July 18, 2011

Creating the Perfect Bow!

I was introduced to this wonderful blog a little while back from "Red", Karen, at SAS when I hosted a little online crop and she created this beautiful bow on one of her cards. Her little secret was this blog called "The Amazing Paper Grace". Becca create her own little peg bow maker to help create her perfect bows every time. I finally got around to making my own peg bow maker. Now I changed mine up a little different from her directions, but that was because I found some decorate shelf brackets on clearance for $1.97 each, the other piece I wood I stole from scraps lying around in the garage, and the dowel was in the closet, all hardware and paint was on hand as well. So bottom line this cost me $3.94 to make and it is work every penny.
I have one less hole than Becca did (my piece of wood was smaller), but I can create bows from  1 inch up to 5 1/2" inches.  I used my husbands drill with the spade to do my holes.  The other thing that was different was since I used shelf brackets all I had to do was add 1 screw on each side ( I used a 3/4" wood screw) and lined it up with the slot on the bracket.  For those of you who have never used shelf brackets before the tighter you put your screw into the wood (wall) the tighter the fit it will be (which means it won't wobble side to side).  Finally to finish it up I gave it a two coats of my favorite color (purple) spray paint which was left over from mother's days projects I did two years ago.   I can honestly say this is one of the best tools ever-- now more uneven bows for me!
To check out Becca's process here's the link again... also she has some fabulous tutorials listed on her blog on how to create different bows using your peg bow maker!

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