Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a Great Weekend!!

It started out with perfect evening for Trick-or-Treating!! We had a lot of fun and the kids looked great! Actually, I think I did, too! Cory and I decided at the lat minute that we were going to dress up while taking the kids around. My own mother-in-law didn't even recognize me. Pretty funny!! So, here's a pic of the family from Halloween night! Yes, that is crazy me as the 80's rocker chick! I decided I will never go blonde--not really my color! And my dear husband was master jedi knight Obi Wan Kenobi --he carried around his silly master replica light saber that he ordered off of QVC a few years ago. What a big kid he was with it!

Moving on, I spent the day on Saturday cropping with the ladies. Had a great time.
As always, Erin hosts a great crop! Hopefully she will make the next one a 12 hour one or an all-nighter! We played two games, "The game Formerly Known as BINGO" and we were all given straws and we could not say th word "page". If you did you had to give up your straw and whoever had the most would win a prize! I won the straw game and finally got the cool Creative Memories journaling templates that I wanted! Yeah me!! LOL!! So, here are some pics of the ladies cropping!

Cropping away the day!

Pose pretty ladies!!

Yep, I'm taking your picture--Smile!!

So what did I get done--well, I finished up making some tags for dear "Pinky" for her Fiskateers event coming up! And, I worked on the wedding album word book that I made for a gift for the wedding I'm going to this weekend. I did not finish it at the crop, but I did when I got home. So, here are some pics of the book!

And don't forget everyone to go out and vote today!! You can make the difference!!

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Southernbelle said...

Ok...gf...you look too funny for Halloween! Ha Ha...I love it! Yall are all so cute!!!!

Glad you had fun croppin'...it's a blast isn't it. I'm tellin ya, one of these days, we gotta get together to scrap!

And love love love that awesome wedding board book!!! The colors are gorgeous! I am sure the bride will love it!!!


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