Friday, February 6, 2009


Ok, I'm tired of sick kids right now, the little ones have had the flu all week, Layton started Wednesday night, and Cory last night. And to top it all off, we go the doctor this am and we got ear infections on top of the flu bug! I ready for Spring, to open the windows and let in some fresh air. This is really killing me. So, I'm bummed with everyone being sick, I don't get to go to my bestest friend in the whold wide world son's 4th birthday ( poor Jaedon is so disappointed) tommorow. God knows, I don't wish we have here on anyone! The only good thing I have to look forward to is the weekend crop going on online at Just Scrappin'. IT starts tonight at 6pm and runs through Sunday, 8th. There are 10 or 11 challenges posted from different ladies on the board ( including my self who is hosting a mini Valentine Book Challenge), a 1 hour LO contest happening tomorrow at 8:00 pm Eastern time(7:00pm Central, 5:00pm Pacific), and I think there might be a few games going on too!! So, make sure you drop in and join in on our challenges!! It's going to be a blast!! Here's the link: Oh, and make sure you stop back to check out my work! I've already got started on some challenges that were posted early! Have a great scrappy weekend!

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